Campbell County couple has trouble with point-based timeshare

Imagine taking out a $12,000 loan on a timeshare and then finding yourself unable to use it and take a vacation. That happened to a Campbell County couple.

Timeshares are a big business in East Tennessee. You only have to visit Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge once and you’ll likely run into a timeshare salesperson. For many years, fixed-weeks timeshares were popular wherein you pay for a certain number of weeks per year.

Many are now selling timeshares based on points as it’s said to be a more flexible alternative. In a points system, you can add to or build up your points by buying more of them or exchanging them for a more exotic location. Jerry and Tessa Hayes just wanted to take a vacation with the points they had bought.

The hard-working couple enjoys life and often has their children and grandchildren join them when they go on vacation. Last February in Pigeon Forge, they were approached by a salesman as they were leaving a restaurant.

“He wanted us to sign up for a timeshare,” said Jerry Hayes.

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Campbell County couple has trouble with point-based timeshare

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